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Crystal meth abuse refers to the intake of crystal meth into one’s body. Crystal meth abuse is one of the most common forms of drug abuse in the U.S. This drug is particularly popular among the youth, with a large percentage of youth using the drug at least once in their lifetime. There are a number of ways to abuse crystal meth. For starters, it may be introduced into the body by injection. This is also known as “shooting up,” “slamming” or “banging.” This is the most common form of intake. Secondly, crystal meth may be smoked.

Crystal meth users use smoking pipes to smoke the drug. The third mode of drug intake is insufflations. In this instance, the drug is ground into a fine powder and then inhaled like cocaine. The drug is then absorbed through the tissue of the nasal passage. The last method of drug intake is known as suppository or “the booty dump.” In this method, crystal meth is taken up through the anus or vagina.

Crystal Meth Abuse

Crystal meth is classified as a psycho stimulant because it is highly and immediately addictive as compared to other drugs, which may take a long time before the body develops dependency towards the drug in question. Intake of crystal meth leads to a sense of being “high” and is characterized by elevated moods, boundless energy, euphoria, increased speech and a lack of sexual or social inhibitions.

The user may also go for days without sleep. Ingestion of the drug may also lead to high body temperatures, irregular heartbeats and heart palpitations. In the end, using this drug may lead to an increase in stroke risks, heart failure, cardiovascular diseases and even death. Another effect associated with the use of crystal meth is social dysfunction, with many abusers developing anti-social tendencies.

Relationships between an addict and his or her family and friends break down. Secondly, social interaction with people is severely affected, as the addict is only concerned about the pleasures gotten from its use. Crystal meth abuse can also lead to drug dependency and addiction. In this scenario, the drug user is not able to go about his or her daily activities without using the drug.

Crystal meth addictions also increase the transmission of HIV and other diseases due to the methods of intake, namely injection and “the booty dump.” A notable effect of crystal meth abuse is having a collapsed jaw and a wounded face. A collapsed jaw arises due to the fact that use of crystal meth leads to the gums drying up. This in turn leads to the grinding of teeth on each other and hence, a collapsed jaw.

Other oral implications of crystal meth abuse include rotten teeth and severe gum infection. A peculiar effect of crystal meth abuse is that the use of this drug makes an addict believe that he or she has lice on their face. This can be attributed to the fact that crystal meth dries up skin. The addict thus scratches his or her face to remove the lice, which then leads to wounds developing on the face.

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